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  1. AMG 073 (Cinacalcet)

    Catalog No. A11314
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    CaSR activator
    AMG-073 (Cinacalcet) represents a new class of compounds for the treatment of hyperparathyroidism. 了解更多
  2. AMG-073 HCl (Cinacalcet HCl)

    Catalog No. A10219
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    CaSR activator
    AMG-073 HCl (Cinacalcet HCl) represents a new class of compounds for the treatment of hyperparathyroidism known as calcimimetics, which reduce parathyroid hormone (PTH) synthesis and secretion by increasing the sensitivity of the parathyroid calcium-sensing receptor (CaR) to extracellular calcium. 了解更多
  3. PB-22

    Catalog No. A14110
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    PB-22 is an analog of JWH 018 which differs by having 8-hydroxyquinoline replacing the naphthalene group of JWH 018. 了解更多
  4. Pamiparib

    Catalog No. A17073
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    PARP inhibitor
    Pamiparib, also known as BGB-290, is a highly potent and selective PARP inhibitor with favorable drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic properties. CAS: 1446261-44-1 (free base) 2086689-94-1 (maleate) 2086689-93-0 (hydrate) 了解更多
  5. CY-09

    Catalog No. A16924
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    NLRP3 inhibitor
    CY-09 is a NLRP3 inhibitor with Kd value of 500 nM. It directly binds to ATP-binding motif of NLRP3 NACHT domain. 了解更多
  6. H9N2 Hong-Kong

    Catalog No. AP6213
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    H9N2 Influenza-A Virus Hong-Kong/1073/99 Recombinant 了解更多
  7. HCV Core Genotype-5

    Catalog No. AP6073
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    Hepatitis C Virus Core Genotype-5 Recombinant 了解更多
  8. MIG Human

    Catalog No. AP5717
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    MIG Human Recombinant (CXCL9) 了解更多
  9. MIG Human, His

    Catalog No. AP5716
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    MIG Human Recombinant (CXCL9), His Tag 了解更多
  10. gAcrp30 Human

    Catalog No. AP5073
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    Globular Adiponectin Human Recombinant 了解更多
  11. PRSS7 Human

    Catalog No. AP4524
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    Protease Serine 7 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  12. ACYP1 Human

    Catalog No. AP4432
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    Acylphosphatase 1 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  13. HPSE Active

    Catalog No. AP4073
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    Recombinant Human Heparanase-1 Active 了解更多
  14. Enterokinase Human

    Catalog No. AP4003
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    Enteropeptidase/ Enterokinase, Light Chain Human Recombinant 了解更多
  15. ADH1A Human

    Catalog No. AP3944
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    Alcohol Dehydrogenase 1A Human Recombinant 了解更多
  16. ADH1A Human, sf9

    Catalog No. AP3900
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    Alcohol Dehydrogenase 1A, Human Recombinant, sf9 了解更多
  17. CTSD Human

    Catalog No. AP3800
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    Cathepsin-D Human Recombinant 了解更多
  18. VEGF Mouse, His

    Catalog No. AP3726
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    Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Mouse Recombinant, His Tag 了解更多
  19. VEGF (121 a.a.) Mouse

    Catalog No. AP3722
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    Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (121 a.a.) Mouse Recombinant 了解更多
  20. VEGF Mouse

    Catalog No. AP3715
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    Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Mouse Recombinant 了解更多
  21. VEGF Mouse, Sf9

    Catalog No. AP3709
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    Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Mouse Recombinant, Sf9 了解更多
  22. FABP4 Antibody

    Catalog No. AP3073
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    Fatty Acid Binding Protein 4, Mouse Anti Human 了解更多
  23. Thrombin Human Recombinant

    Catalog No. AP2538
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    Thrombin Human Recombinant 了解更多
  24. Thrombin Human, HEK

    Catalog No. AP2537
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    Thrombin Human Recombinant, HEK 了解更多
  25. C8G Human

    Catalog No. AP2353
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    Complement Component 8, Gamma Human Recombinant 了解更多
  26. CRYGD Human

    Catalog No. AP2321
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    Crystallin, Gamma D Human Recombinant 了解更多
  27. ANXA2 Human

    Catalog No. AP2189
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    Annexin A2 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  28. FTH1 Human

    Catalog No. AP2073
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    Ferritin Human Recombinant, Heavy Chain 了解更多
  29. Haptoglobin Human

    Catalog No. AP1988
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    Haptoglobin Human Recombinant 了解更多
  30. Haptoglobin Human

    Catalog No. AP1980
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    Haptoglobin Human 了解更多
  31. ANXA7 Human

    Catalog No. AP1894
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    Annexin A7 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  32. CAPN1

    Catalog No. AP1824
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    Human Calpain-1 Catalytic Subunit 了解更多
  33. EIF4E Mouse

    Catalog No. AP1647
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    Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4E Recombinant Mouse 了解更多
  34. EIF1B Human

    Catalog No. AP0978
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    Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 1B Human Recombinant 了解更多
  35. ANXA2 Human

    Catalog No. AP0791
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    Annexin A2 Human 了解更多
  36. ASGR2 Human

    Catalog No. AP0466
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    Asialoglycoprotein Receptor 2 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  37. CRYGC Human

    Catalog No. AP0291
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    Crystallin, Gamma C Human Recombinant 了解更多
  38. Haptoglobin (19-347) Human

    Catalog No. AP1133
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    Haptoglobin (19-347 a.a) Human Recombinant 了解更多
  39. HPR Human

    Catalog No. AP1121
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    Haptoglobin-Related Protein Human Recombinant 了解更多
  40. ATP5F1 Human

    Catalog No. AP1073
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    Synthase Transporting Mitochondrial Fo Complex B1 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  41. PPP1R11 Human

    Catalog No. AP0739
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    Protein Phosphatase 1, Regulatory Subunit 11 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  42. STOM Human

    Catalog No. AP0738
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    Stomatin Human Recombinant 了解更多
  43. MBP E.coli

    Catalog No. AP0737
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    Myelin Basic Protein E.coli Recombinant 了解更多
  44. TEF Human

    Catalog No. AP0736
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    Thyrotrophic Embryonic Factor Human Recombinant 了解更多
  45. FBXO6 Human

    Catalog No. AP0735
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    F-Box Protein 6 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  46. PHF5A Human

    Catalog No. AP0734
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    PHD Finger Protein 5A Human Recombinant 了解更多
  47. TEN1 Human

    Catalog No. AP0733
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    TEN1 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  48. S100A12 Human

    Catalog No. AP0732
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    S100 Calcium Binding Protein A12 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  49. ASPSCR1 Human

    Catalog No. AP0731
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    Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma Chromosome Region, Candidate 1 Human Recombinant 了解更多
  50. NMB Human

    Catalog No. AP0730
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    Neuromedin B Human Recombinant 了解更多

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