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  1. PB-22

    Catalog No. A14110
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    PB-22 is an analog of JWH 018 which differs by having 8-hydroxyquinoline replacing the naphthalene group of JWH 018. 了解更多
  2. CTGF (182-250 a.a.) Human

    Catalog No. AP3374
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    Connective Tissue Growth Factor Human Recombinant (182-250 a.a.) 了解更多
  3. GLU-C S.aureus

    Catalog No. AP4411
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    Glutamyl endopeptidase Staphylococcal Recombinant 了解更多
  4. Cetrorelix

    Catalog No. AP3293
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  5. GHRH Human

    Catalog No. AP3248
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    Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Human 了解更多
  6. BMP 2 Antibody

    Catalog No. AP2585
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    Bone Morphogenetic protein-2, Mouse Anti-Human 了解更多
  7. GST antibody

    Catalog No. AP2422
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    Glutathione-S-transferase Polyclonal Rabbit Antibody 了解更多
  8. Apocynin (Acetovanillone)

    Catalog No. A11989
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    NADPH-oxidase inhibitor
    Apocynin is a NADPH oxidase inhibitor 了解更多
  9. (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate

    Catalog No. A10005
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    Antioxidant, antiangiogenic, antitumor agent
    (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate是一种从绿茶中分离出来的强效抗氧化剂多酚类黄酮。 了解更多
  10. GSK 2250665A

    Catalog No. A17191
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    Itk inhibitor
    GSK-2250665A是一种Itk抑制剂。 了解更多
  11. AF 12198

    Catalog No. A17213
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    IL-1 receptor
    AF 12198是人I型白细胞介素-1(IL-1)受体的有效和选择性拮抗剂。 了解更多
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    Catalog No. A17118
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    Integrin Antagonist
    TR-14035是α4β7和α4β1整合素的双重拮抗剂 了解更多
  12. 1M7

    Catalog No. A17133
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    RNA reagent
    1M7 is a RNA reagent. 了解更多
  13. GSK4112

    Catalog No. A17135
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    Rev-Erbα agonist
    GSK4112是一种选择性Rev-Erbα激动剂,EC50值为250 nM。 了解更多
  14. E6446 HCl

    Catalog No. A17149
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    E6446是核酸感应TLR的合成拮抗剂。 CAS:1219925-73-1(自由基)1345675-25-3(HCl) 了解更多
  15. PF-06737007

    Catalog No. A17179
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    Trk inhibitor
    PF-06737007是泛原肌球蛋白相关激酶(Trk)抑制剂。 了解更多
  16. AMG-333

    Catalog No. A17182
    Quick View
    TRPM8 Antagonist
    AMG-333是一种有效的选择性TRPM8拮抗剂。 了解更多
  17. PRN694

    Catalog No. A16998
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    ITK and RLK inhibitor
    PRN694是Tec激酶IL-2诱导型T细胞激酶(ITK)和静息淋巴细胞激酶(RLK)的高选择性和有效共价抑制剂。 了解更多
  18. LY2562175

    Catalog No. A17016
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    FXR agonist
    LY2562175是体外有效的选择性FXR激动剂,具有强大的脂质调节特性,降低LDL和甘油三酯,同时提高临床前物种的HDL。 了解更多
  19. Nedisertib

    Catalog No. A17055
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    DNA-PK inhibitor
    Nedisertib, also known as M-3814, MSC2490484A, is an orally available inhibitor of DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK), with potential antineoplastic and chemo/radiosensitizing activities. 了解更多
  20. SR9238

    Catalog No. A15763
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    LXR Inverse Agonist
    SR9238 is a potent and selective LXR inverse agonist (IC50 values are 43 and 214 nM for LXRβ and LXRα, respectively). 了解更多
  21. Ozenoxacin

    Catalog No. A12996
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    Ozenoxacin is an experimental quinolone antibiotic being developed for the treatment of impetigo and other dermatological bacterial infections. 了解更多
  22. PF-06855800

    Catalog No. A16860
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    PRMT5 inhibitor
    PF-06855800 (PF06855800) is a potent, selective, SAM competitive, BBB-penetrant, orally active inhibitor of protein arginine methyltransferase PRMT5 with Ki of 0.02 nM. 了解更多
  23. JNJ-64619178

    Catalog No. A16861
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    Histone Methyltransferase inhibitor
    JNJ-64619178 is a PRMT5 inhibitor with high selectivity and potency (subnanomolar range, PRMT5-MEP-50 IC50=0.14 nM) under different in vitro and cellular conditions, paired with favorable pharmacokinetics and safety properties. 了解更多
  24. CB-1158

    Catalog No. A16864
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    arginase inhibitor
    CB-1158, also known as INCB01158, is a potent and orally active arginase inhibitor with IC50=89 nM 了解更多
  25. BDP9066

    Catalog No. A16874
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    MRCK inhibitor
    BDP9066 is a potent and selective MRCK inhibitor, reducing substrate phosphorylation. 了解更多
  26. PF-06873600

    Catalog No. A16875
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    CDK inhibitor
    PF-06873600 is an orally bioavailable, cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor, with potential antineoplastic activity. 了解更多
  27. NSC117079

    Catalog No. A16894
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    PHLPP inhibitor
    NSC117079 is a novel pan-PHLPP inhibitors (selective for PHLPP1 and PHLPP2). 了解更多
  28. trans-Zeatin

    Catalog No. A12223
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    trans-Zeatin is a member of the plant hormone family known as ??cytokinins??, which regulate cell division, development, and nutrient processing. 了解更多
  29. ICEC0942 HCl

    Catalog No. A16903
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    CDK7 inhibitor
    ICEC0942, also known as CT7001, is an Orally Bioavailable Selective Inhibitor of CDK7 for Cancer Treatment. It selectively inhibits CDK7, with an IC50 of 40nM; IC50 values for CDK1, CDK2, CDK5 and CDK9 were 45-, 15-, 230- and 30-fold higher. 了解更多
  30. Spiramycin

    Catalog No. A16718
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    Spiramycin is a clinically important 16-member macrolide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces ambofaciens. 了解更多
  31. Oxyclozanide

    Catalog No. A16979
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    Oxyclozanide is a salicylanilide anthelmintic that is a proton ionophore which uncouples oxidative phosphorylation of the target organism. 了解更多
  32. AT-1001

    Catalog No. A16916
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    tight junction regulator
    AT-1001 is a tight junction regulator and reverses leaky junctions to their normally closed state. It is being studied in people with celiac disease 了解更多
  33. CB-1158

    Catalog No. A16929
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    Arginase Inhibitor
    CB-1158, also known as INCB01158, is a potent and orally active arginase inhibitor with IC50=89 nM) . 了解更多
  34. CAY10566

    Catalog No. A16936
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    SCD1 inhibitor
    CAY10566 is a potent and selective inhibitor of SCD1 that demonstrates IC50 values of 4.5 and 26 nM in mouse and human enzymatic assays, respectively. 了解更多
  35. Erythrosin B

    Catalog No. A16967
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    Erythrosin B is an artificial dye widely used in the food and textile industries. Erythrosin B is also a novel photosensitizer which has been used to develop animal models. 了解更多
  36. LXH254

    Catalog No. A16841
    Quick View
    pan-RAF inhibitor
    LXH254 is a type II ATP-competitive inhibitor that inhibits both B- and CRAF kinase activities at picomolar concentrations with a high degree of selectivity against a panel of 456 human kinases and in cell-based assays. 了解更多
  37. CBL-0137

    Catalog No. A16836
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    p53 activator / NF-κB inhibitor
    CBL0137(CBL-0137) activates p53 and inhibits NF-kB with EC50s of 0.37 μM and 0.47 μM in the cell-based p53 and NF-kB reporter assays, respectively. It also inhibits histone chaperone FACT (facilitates chromatin transcription complex). 了解更多
  38. PK11007

    Catalog No. A16833
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    p53 activator
    PK11007 is an anti-p53 drug that stabilizes wild type and mutant p53 via selective alkylation of two surface-exposed cysteines without compromising its DNA binding activity. It exerts antitumor functions not only via reactivating p53 but also via other cellular mechanisms, such as increase of cellular ROS to toxic levels and activation of the UPR. 了解更多
  39. ML-792

    Catalog No. A16832
    Quick View
    SAE inhibitor
    ML-792 is a potent and selective SAE inhibitor with nanomolar potency in cellular assays. ML-792 selectively blocks SAE enzyme activity and total SUMOylation, thus decreasing cancer cell proliferation. 了解更多
  40. ex229 (compound 991)

    Catalog No. A16795
    Quick View
    AMPK activator
    EX229 (compound 991) is a potent AMPK activator that is 5-10-fold more potent than A769662 in activating AMPK. 了解更多
  41. IPI-3063

    Catalog No. A16800
    Quick View
    selective p110δ inhibitor
    IPI-3063 is a potent and selective p110δ inhibitor with biochemical IC50 of 2.5±1.2 nM and IC50 values for the other class I PI3K isoforms (p110α, p110β, p110γ) are at least 400-fold higher. 了解更多
  42. Ruxolitinib Phosphate

    Catalog No. A11552
    Quick View
    JAK inhibitor
    Ruxolitinib Phosphate is the phosphate salt form of ruxolitinib, an orally bioavailable Janus-associated kinase (JAK) inhibitor with potential antineoplastic and immunomodulating activities. 了解更多
  43. Albiglutide

    Catalog No. A16823
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    GLP-1 agonist
    Albiglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist (GLP-1 agonist). 了解更多
  44. Malaria Pf. MSP1

    Catalog No. AP6250
    Quick View
    Malaria Falciparum MSP1 Recombinant 了解更多
  45. Influenza-B Malaysia

    Catalog No. AP6233
    Quick View
    Influenza-B Virus Malaysia 2506/04 Recombinant 了解更多
  46. Influenza-B Malaysia

    Catalog No. AP6225
    Quick View
    Influenza-B Virus Malaysia/2506/04 了解更多
  47. IL 1RA Rat, His

    Catalog No. AP5476
    Quick View
    Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Rat Recombinant, His Tag 了解更多
  48. IL 1RA Mouse

    Catalog No. AP5427
    Quick View
    Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Mouse Recombinant 了解更多
  49. IL 1RA Mouse, His

    Catalog No. AP5306
    Quick View
    Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Mouse Recombinant, His Tag 了解更多

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